Overview of the Competition

PEC University of Technology presents Flytron, an opportunity for all flying enthusiasts to be a part of the nationally acclaimed Unmanned Aerial Systems Challenge. The purpose of the competition is to develop Indian intellectual and technical expertise in unmanned systems technology. Whether it be a hostage situation or a typical case of traffic management, Flytron expects to develop an Indian experience and knowledge base towards Unmanned aerial systems technology.

As a method to provide typical applicability of this technology, we envisage a scenario where hostages are held up by terrorists with the Indian Army launching operations to successfully retrieve all hostages while at the same time eliminating terrorists with negligible collateral damage. Since it is technically difficult for the army to predict the location and exact number of terrorists beforehand, the mission involves the deployment of autonomous UAVs to achieve the aforementioned tasks. The UAV shall be required to take off from a predetermined position and enter a simulated combat zone which consists of innocent civilians and heavily armed terrorists. It will then be required to calculate the number of people within the hostile area with the ability to distinguish between terrorists and civilians. Hence, the UAV shall contribute towards providing real time actionable intelligence relating to the total number of terrorists operating within the hostile area. Additionally, while en route to the combat zone, the UAV shall identify information left by the armed forces moving inside the base and provide it to the army headquarters. This information maybe in the form of symbols left by the soldiers moving inside the combat zone. Further, the UAV shall be required to drop payload and provide necessary ammunition or material to the armed forces operating inside the combat area. The army headquarters intends to launch a surgical strike based on the information provided by UAV, hence accurate identification is critical. At the same time, civilians and terrorists tend to move and relocate, hence the UAV is expected to complete the operation within a satisfactory time period.